Recruiters, Fastpoke is a perfect place to
market yourself

Receive written referrals

Promote yourself through written referrals from both clients and candidates. They can visit your profile and write one or you can request one by sending a custom link from your profile via email. Every referral showcases information about the placements you’ve made.

Seamlessly book calls

Sync your work calendar with the Fastpoke calendar. After doing this you can create open time slots for interested candidates and employers to request calls with you. Once a request form is sent you may accept or decline. Not only do we stress efficient connection, but relationship-driven connection. What better way is there to connect online than over a call?

Track profile exposure

Not only can you see how many people have visited your profile, but you can also see useful analytics as to which types of professionals are viewing you. Your dashboard will show you a percentage breakdown between employers and candidates, the industries from which your viewers come from, as well as a geographical breakdown of your viewers.

Receive job reqs and resumes directly

After speaking with you, employers can send their job reqs directly to your Inbox while candidates can send their resumes directly to you as well. The process is quick, easy, and user friendly. By using Fastpoke you open yourself to new business passively from both top talent and great employers.

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