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Full transparency, partner with the right recruiter

By connecting with the right recruiting specialist, you will hire the perfect candidate. Fastpoke offers the transparency you need through referrals written by both employers and candidates to help you decide who to partner with. Do your due diligence and schedule a call..

Build relationships, schedule free consultations.

Fastpoke allows you to book calls with recruiters instantly through the in-app calendar. We believe the best way to build relationships is by connecting over the phone. No more DM’s or cold calls. Choose a time, fill out the quick form, and send. Just like the recruiters, we’re here to make your life easier.

Make life easy, send your job reqs directly.

After you have reached out and decided which recruiter(s) to work with, you can send your job reqs directly from your profile to the recruiter’s inbox. Fill out a requisition, type which recruiter to send it to, and send. It’s easy, quick, and 100% free!

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